Spanish Adult Classes


Our Spanish classes are highly recommended by professionals, students, principals and teachers because we make learning Spanish fun and easy!  

You will start to read and speak Spanish day 1! 

What do we offer?

Personal instruction, one-on-one or with small sized group classes  (4 - 8 students).

  • Fun, interactive, engaging and relaxed classes.       
  • A non-traditional classroom setting. We promise it will be nothing like your high school class.
  • Plenty of opportunities to speak and participate in class. Our goal is not about finishing a curriculum, it is about helping you to be confident in speaking Spanish and communicating.
  • Professional, experienced, creative, and dynamic native speaking teachers.
  • Students can start at any point during the session as long as there is availability in the class.

Do you want more intensive classes? Choose a second session to come twice a week. You will get 10% discount on the second one.

Not sure which  class is right or the schedule does not work? We offer one-on-one classes with a flexible schedule that will work for you.  Read our class descriptions or contact us with questions. The class schedule is updated frequently so sign up to receive our  updates or comeback to this page

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Spanish Adult Classes

Be prepared to have fun, relax, laugh and learn!

Don't expect a traditional class setting like your high school class :). Be prepared to have fun, relax, laugh and learn! 

Our small - group classes allow you to have plenty of opportunities to speak in Spanish. Come meet new people, and enjoy our classes!

Sessions run from 6-9 weeks, and material covered will depend on the duration of the session and the students' needs. Our goal is to help you to feel confident about using the language. 

BEGINNER LEVEL 1 - For those who have little or no knowledge of Spanish. This session will help you to take baby steps into the language with the foundations of Spanish pronunciation followed by greetings, questions, commands,  and answers that will allow you to start a conversation. 

BEGINNER LEVEL 2 - For those who have completed Spanish Beginner Level 1, or have studied Spanish previously. In this session you will continue to develop your Spanish skills : understanding, speaking, reading and writing. We will focus on present tense, places, house vocabulary, opposites, and focus on verbs to be ("ser" y "estar").

BEGINNER LEVEL 3 -  For those who have successfully completed Spanish 2, or who have studied Spanish previously and have a good understanding of present tense. You will continue to develop your Spanish abilities: understanding, speaking, reading and writing in the present tense. 

ADVANCED BEGINNER LEVELS -  It is recommended for those who have successfully completed Spanish Beginner Level 3, or who have studied Spanish previously and have a good understanding of the basic grammar rules, subject pronouns,"ser" and "estar", and how to ask simple questions. In this level you will continue with present tense conjugation for regular verbs, restaurant and airport vocabulary. 

We will be customized to the students’ needs so more concepts can be taught or reviewed. 

INTERMEDIATE LEVELS - It is recommended for those who have completed the previous levels, or who have previously studied Spanish and are able to comfortably converse in the present tense in Spanish. This course introduces students to new verb tenses including the future tense, conditional tense, and the two past tenses (preterit and imperfect), greatly boosting your ability to have discussions regarding the present, future, and past.

Give us a call with any questions about what level is best for you.

Spanish for Business


See what we have to offer you.

To help businesses in the Lake Norman area to become more competitive in the global market through the understanding of foreign languages and cultures.

With our Foreign Language Program for Professionals and Businesses you will:

  • Have the ability to set  your own schedule. 
  • We come to your location. 
  • Classes are taught by professionals with years of experience teaching their native language. 
  • Start speaking a Foreign Language day one.
  • Our Spanish Lessons and Foreign Language lessons are customized to your needs, industry, and level
  • Intensive course so you can learn the language quickly.

We also offer the following services:

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Cultural workshops
  • Intensive language sessions.
  • Latin America business consulting. 
  • We'll help you to develop long term relationships with your clientele. 
  • We know the culture and the  business in the Hispanic market. 

We hope we can help to increase your business and understanding of the Latin culture.

"This is the place to go"

" I've taken multiple Spanish classes through the years. I have to say that I learned more from Lake Norman Language Academy in just the few short weeks than I learned throughout my high-school and college years. If you really want to learn how to speak the language, this is the place to go."

Sharon Wahrmund 

VP of Products and Operations 

Cashklick Inc.

Statesville, NC

"Learning is non-threatening and a lot of fun."

"Abigayl, as we near the end of my first Spanish course I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed learning with you. At my age, I must say that I was somewhat hesitant and intimidated starting back to school. However, your style of teaching calmed me from the very first class. The learning is non-threatening and a lot of fun. I look forward continuing. Thank you for all of your help." 

Rod Beard

Vice President of Business Development

American Solar Integrators, LLC

Cornelius, NC